Interval Workouts

Intervals– Interval training can be a great way to burn calories fast.  Why you may ask?  First off, interval training is meant to be intense; therefore your heart rate will be higher.  Secondly, the combination of fast and slower segments will cause your heart rate to increase, decrease, increase, and so on.  This extra work is helping to burn calories, as well as helping with speed.  The length of this workout is solely dependent upon you, and how much time you have allowed for the workout.  If you are doing intense, fast sprints followed by a slow jog it will be much shorter.  (I usually do fast sprints after a 3-5 mile run).  If you are using this workout for jogging/walking you should allow more time.  The basic rule for sprints or intervals are 1:2.  An example would be:

  • Jog 30 seconds, followed by 60 second of fast walking

However, if you are doing full out, maximum intensity sprints, you should not sprint longer than 10-15 seconds (solely my opinion).  I will then follow each sprint with 60 seconds of slow jogging.  This breaks the 1:2 rule.  But if you try follow that rule and sprint 10 seconds, jog 20 seconds, and repeat you will find that you are completely exhausted an most likely will not be able to finish.

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