My Races


Des Moines Marathon (10-18-15)

Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon (7-19-15)- 2:00:00


Chicago Marathon (10-12-14)- 4:16:22 *PR

Chicago Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon (7-20-14)- 1:43:48 *PR

Mustache Dash 5k (4-26-14)- 21:47 *PR


Living History Farms (11-23-13)- Unknown time

Des Moines Marathon (10-20-13)- 4:20:13 *PR

Warrior Dash (8-24-13)- 50:28:00

The Bix (7-27-13)- 58:34

Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll (7-21-13)- 1:54:19

Soldier Field 10 Miler (5-25-13)- 1:24:31

Beaster Bunny 5k (3-23-13)– 25:18:34 (First place female!)


Living History Farms (11-13-12)- Unknown Time

Quad Cities Marathon (9-23-12)- 4:37:26

Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll (7-22-12)- 1:53:45

Great River Bridge Race 6 miler (5-19-12)- 54:44


Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll (8-14-11)- 1:54:07


Des Moines Marathon (10-17-10)- 5:14:07

Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon (8-1-2010)-2:09:14


Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon (8-2-09)- 2:01:20

Great River Bridge Race 6 miler (5-16-09)- 53:44

 * Personal Record

I have run dozens of other 5k’s, but I cannot remember dates and times.  Sorry!

3 thoughts on “My Races

  1. I was just wondering what you do when you start getting ready to run a half marathon? Like how much you run everyday up until race day?

    • Hi Deidre!

      It honestly depends on what half-marathon I am running, and if I am training for a marathon. If I am NOT training for a marathon, I will follow a 12 week half-marathon plan. In the past I would use Hal Higdon’s training programs, which can be found on his website. They range from novice to advanced. They are wonderful!

      My training is different if I am running a marathon a couple weeks/months after my half-marathon. For that I do not follow a half-marathon training program, but rather a marathon program.

      I have an article “Marathon Tips” that will help you out. It can be applied to both the marathon and half marathon.

      During week days (M-F) you will mostly run 4-6 miles on a given day, and your weekends are usually devoted to your long runs (up to 12 miles for a half marathon). The week of the race you taper (cut back) and run easy, short runs throughout the week until the day of the race.

      I hope this helps. I will work on a half-marathon guide this weekend and get that posted next week 🙂


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