Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll 2015

HOT is the main word I would use to describe this race. Don’t get me wrong- I still love this race! It was still fun despite the extreme heat. 

The post before this one showed an email I had received about the weather and what to expect. I knew it would be really hot and that getting a PR would not be a goal of mine.

I really don’t like running in the heat as it does really tend to slow me down. My main goal was to run the race safely and drink water and Gatorade at every station.

Meb Keflezighi gave us all a speech at the start line to run safely and to not focus on getting a PR (that made me feel better!).

The competitive side in me always wants to run faster at each race and to beat last years time of 1:43, but I just knew that was not going to happen.

I actually forgot my Garmin at home so Kyla and I did not know our time until after the race. Not knowing our pace during the race was a bit annoying because I had no idea what we were doing.

However, even though we didn’t know our pace the miles (like always) seemed to fly by. I did start to get really hot and tired around mile 9 though.

Mile 10 and 11 are always my favorite because they have the best views of the city and are close to the finish line. I felt a little recharged once I got to mile 11 and started to have fun again. Then, unexpectedly on the course was MEB! I got a high five from him and that made me grin until the finish line.

I crossed the finish line at exactly 2:00:00. I was very happy to be done running because it was so hot and I was extremely thirsty! However, I was extremely unhappy with my time!

I know the heat is the main reason I ran slower, but I was still mad. With that being said, not every race will be a PR. You cannot always predict the weather and how it will affect you.

The main priority is to run safe and listen to your body, which is what Kyla and I did. Would I have loved to have run 17 minutes faster like last year? Absolutely. But I am still happy I ran the race, and I am still thankful I am able to run races.

And yes, I have already signed up for the next year’s race. So no hard feelings 🙂

After the race Kyla and I got our refreshments and laid in the grass for a while before meeting up with Kelly and her family. They really are the best cheerleaders!

post race

These towels were in a bucket of ice water and they were gladly accepted.

cold towel

Yes, these are the only pictures I took of the race! Really, is that such a surprise?!

I’ll post the rest of the weekend pictures in the next post. If you ran this race- I hope you did great and enjoyed yourself!


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