Intermediate Half-Marathon Plan

The following plan is for runners who have been running for a while, and can successfully run at least 4 miles consecutively. 

Intermediate Half Marathon Plan

You will notice that I set Sunday for the long run day, but if your schedule works better to run long on a Saturday that is fine- just shift the plan back one day. I typically put long runs on Sunday because that is when the majority of races are held.

I also included a recovery run on Monday, following the long run. I personally like running the day after a long run. This run is meant to be slower, and is strictly for recovery. It’s nice to shake your legs out with a short, easy run. Do not try to run fast or incorporate any speed work the day after a long run.

I included two rest days. During all of my plans (half and full marathons) I have two rest days and it works well.

I did incorporate one day of speed work. Strides do not mean an all out sprint, but more of a gradual sprint, and a gradual slowing down. For example, my strides last about 30 seconds each, and I spend the first couple seconds building speed, and by 10 seconds I am full out sprinting until about 25 seconds, and then I slow it down until I am walking.

You will notice “tempo” in the plan. This simply means that you need to run those miles at a consistent pace.

Intermediate Half Marathon Plan

Like always, if you have questions please just leave a comment! Enjoy and good luck!


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