Benefits of Stability Balls

Benefits of Stability Balls

Whether you just like to bounce around or roll on them, stability balls have many purposes and can be very beneficial to your body. Stability balls are great at making your exercise routine a bit more challenging to helping with your posture. Here are a few different reasons that stability balls are awesome:

Spinal Stability

Using a stability for exercise or just sitting on instead of a chair is a great way to strengthen your spine and back. Sitting on a stability ball not only engages your  abdominal muscles, but it also engages your lower back.

Using a stability ball as a chair or just even incorporating it into your exercise routine can help ease lower back back.

Use More Muscle Fibers

Using a stability ball requires your body to work harder to main control, while using a better range of motion. The combination of those lead to the use of more muscle fibers. As your body is challenged by the instability of the ball it is working harder to maintain control, therefore activity more muscle fibers.

Doing regular crunches on the floor is just fine, but when you use a stability ball you are able to increase the range of motion by “crunching” down more, instead of just stopping once you hit the floor. This also requires your body to activate more muscle fibers.

The small tearing of muscle fibers is what leads to muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle fiber size) which is what allows you to have a “six pack” look.


Some of my favorite exercises to do on my stability ball are planks, bridges, and a pike. The following chart gives you an idea of a few different exercises you can do.

silhouettes of women doing pilates

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