When I first started running I was hit with all of these odd words and phrases that meant nothing to me.  My friend would talk about her “PR” or running fartleks.  A what??  I will share some of odd phrases and words I have learned along the way.  In no time they will become apart of your normal dialect and you won’t think twice when you hear them.

  • Personal Record (PR)- applies to the fastest you have ran a certain race.
  • Fartlek- Swedish word meaning “speed play”. Easy put- if you are outside you might say, “I want to run until I get to that stop sign, and then I will walk.  I want to start running when I get to that house.”  Fartlek is a mixture of fast/slow walking and/or running.
  • Chip- often a small piece of plastic tied to your shoes at races.  A way of timing you.
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)- muscle soreness that usually occurs 48 hours after an intense or long run, or after a weight lifting session.
  • Intervals- type of running that consists of fast running, following by slow jogging or walking.  Intervals are usually repeated several times.
  • Strides- Short, fast, but controlled runs of 50 to 150 meters.
    Strides, which are used both in training and to warm up before a race, build speed and efficiency.
  • Tempo run- holding a consistent pace during your run.
  • VO2 Max- the maximum amount of oxygen that a person can extract from the atmosphere and then transport and use in the body’s tissues.
  • BQ- Boston Qualify; running a certified race at a specific time that will allow you to quality for Boston
  • USATF- USA Track and Field

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