Living History Farms 2013

One word for this race: FREEZING!

I was nervous for this year for two reasons.  I had just run a marathon a little less than a month before the race, and I had stayed home sick several days before the race.  Maybe I am just crazy, but of course I ran!

This year my group and I decided to dress up.  This race is known for the costumes, so we thought it would be fun to get in on the action.  We went as characters from Batman!  (I am obsessed with Christian Bale, so I thought this was a great idea!)

Brian went at Batman, Aaron was Robin, I went as Catwoman, and Kyla went as Poison Ivy (how fabulous is her wig?!)


The race is in November so we knew it would be cold, but we did not except it to be below freezing! It was between 9-12 degrees on the day of the race.  Yes, we of course ran it!

By the time we got to the different creek passing the thin layer of ice had been broken, so we got the pleasure of running through deep, COLD water!  However, the race is so much fun that the cold doesn’t phase you.

A lot of the ground was frozen, so instead of running down hills we just sat down and sort of made ourselves into human sleds.  It was fun 🙂

After the race we went to lunch, and then of course we headed to Orange Leaf (tradition).  Yes it was freezing out, but you can’t pass up frozen yogurt!

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