Warrior Dash

This race was a lot of fun! I typically run straight road races (on cement, no obstacles) so this was fun for a change. It was also my twin Kyla’s first race! I was very excited for her!

The day of the race was HOT! I mean it was the end of August, what did I except? Most 5k’s do not have water stations, but luckily there was halfway through the course. (I wish there were more!)

I personally thought the obstacles were hard.  Fun yes, but definitely challenging.   It was the combination of heat, obstacles, and hills that made this race a challenge.

The best part of this race were the last three obstacles (just my opinion).  First you had to climb up onto a platform, and then walk a very narrow plank that was high above water.  Secondly, you had to jump over fire! Lastly, you had to crawl on your stomach through mud (there was barbed wire above!).

The platform is behind us… such fun!


How awesome does my sister look?!


After the race we had to rinse off under “showers” provided by the race.  It took quite a while, as the water pressure was low and there were literally hundreds of people waiting to rise off!

My group and I (who I run the Living History Farms with) went to lunch at the Olive Garden in Des Moines, and then Orange Leaf (that has become a race tradition for us).


(Kyla dressed up as a “Creeper”.  Everyone wanted their picture taken with her!)

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