Des Moines Marathon

I learned a lot from this marathon.

Saturday before the race was wonderful. My parents met me in Des Moines for the weekend. We went to a neat brewery downtown for dinner.


(My parents and I)

After dinner we headed back to our hotel. We had a lot of fun just relaxing and chatting in the room!

The morning of the marathon was cold, like most marathon mornings! I was jealous that my parents got to wear their coats!

DSM2 2(My Dad and I)


DSM2 4(My mom loves to take pictures!)

The start of the race was going very well, and I was feeling confident. However, I hit that brick wall again around mile 20!  My lower back was in a lot of pain at this point.  That was completely my fault!  I had done a lot of abdominal work during my training, but not enough back strengthening.  That is something I need to focus on more for my next marathon.

My IT band was also acting up.  Again, I need to focus on more IT band strengthening exercises for my next marathon.

After some “feeling sorry for myself” I decided to suck it up, and finish strong.  I was able to spot my parents in the crowd as I crossed the finish line.

I had two things on my mind at the end of this race. 1.) I NEED food! and 2.) I NEED to sit down.  Luckily after the race I was able to do both! My parents and I went out to lunch in downtown Des Moines.  I ate most of that pizza there 🙂 I also splurged and had a Guinness (my favorite) and a piece of chocolate cheesecake!

DSM2 3

I shaved about 17 minutes off my last marathon, and about an hour off of my first marathon!

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