The 30-40 Workout

The 30-40 Workout

I know I won’t ever run with the elites or run a sub 3 hour marathon and I am just fine with that. However, I can still workout and train like an elite.Steve Roland “Pre” Prefontaine was an American middle and long-distance runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics. The “30-40” is an advanced interval workout that Pre often used during his weekly runs.

I will list Pre’s workout, but if you are like me it will be quite difficult to replicate his exact pace. Adapt it to fit you!

The workout teaches you how to recover after an intense pace while you are still running (active recovery) and can help to simulate an actual race where you may encounter uneven pacing.

Warmup: Jog 2-3 miles followed by a 4 6 x 20-second strides

Workout: Run 12 continuos lap around a 400 meter track (or measure 400 meters anywhere). While running, alternate 200 meters (or half a lap) at your goal pace with 200 meters 10 seconds slower than the 200 meters you just ran. Example: If your goal 5k pace is 8 minutes per mile, you would run the first 200 meters at that pace, followed by 200 meters at an 8:10 pace.

Cooldown: Jog an easy 2-3 miles and stretch

It can be hard to focus on constantly changing pace, but try your best. If it is too challenging try starting adapting the workout from 12 laps into 6, and gradually lengthening it to 12 laps. This workout helps you to increase your cardio fitness, develop more discipline and helps to improve speed.

The 30-40 workout does not need to be done weekly, but more like every other week. I do speed workouts weekly, but I try to change it up to prevent boredom.

I personally love track and interval workouts. Not just because they are fast and don’t take all of my free time to complete, but also because they are helping me to become stronger and faster.

Any favorite track workouts you do?

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  1. Hi just in case your post confuses people, the second 200m is not done at 8.10 pace but 10 secs slower than the fast rep ie if you are doing 8 min mile pace then the first 200 is done in 60 seconds and the second 200m is 10 seconds slower 70 seconds.

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