Quad Cities Marathon

I really enjoyed the Quad Cities Marathon!  It was really neat to run through all 4 cities, Arsenal Island, and all the different bridges. Most of my family came to this marathon (my twin and could not make it).  It was actually my brother Jonah’s birthday the day before, so it was nice to all be together to celebrate him!

QC 3

The night before the race my family and I had dinner, and then just relaxed by the pool at the hotel.

The morning of the race was FREEZING! Thank goodness my parents brought a blanket to keep me warm before the race!

QC(Morgan, myself, and my Dad)

I was get exhausted as I neared the finish line, but I saw my family cheering for me and that always gives me my last minute energy to sprint across the finish.  I could hear my name announced as I crossed the finish line- that was neat!

The marathon went very well, and I beat my previous marathon time by 36:41!

QC 2


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