Chicago Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon

Back at it for race 3!

This time it was just my mom and I in Chicago for the weekend. We love staying at old, vintage hotels in the city and fine dining.  On of our favorite restaurants is Bijans, located on Lake and Eerie.  I always get the grilled portabella salad with goat cheese and basalmic vinagrette.  So good 🙂



The race expo is one of my favorite parts of the weekend.  It must be the runner in me, but I love looking at all the cool running gear and trying all the samples!

RnR11 2


For dinner my mom and I went to Giocco’s, an authentic Italian restaurant.  We try to go to a new restaurant each time we visit the city.  This place was legit- it had a real speak easy and bullet holes from Al Capone!  A quick random fact about me- I love the mafia and find it very intriguing! (Yes, I am odd!)


After dinner we walked around Millennium Park and headed back to our hotel.  I love the city at night.  So beautiful!


Like the past two races, I loved this one just as much!  I met up with Kelly’s family before the race like normal- it has almost become an unspoken tradition!

Another race down in the books!


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