Don’t Get Discouraged!

I have about 5 months until the Chicago Marathon. That is plenty of time to successfully train. However, I have my days of doubt where I can’t imagine running the whole marathon in 3:35 hours. To be exact, each mile needs to be 8:19 or faster. I can definitely keep that pace for a half marathon, and probably faster, but a whole 26.2 miles?

I’ve been training very hard this time around. I’ve been doing everything I am supposed to per my coach. I’m consistently doing all the things I have in my training plan such as long dynamic warm-ups, the run itself, Fartleks, sprints, long dynamic cool down stretching, strength training, core work, and yoga.

Yet I still feel doubtful at times.

I stumbled across this article and WOW it is a great, great, great, GREAT read! It has definitely helped to reassure me about my goals. I hope you read it and feel the same way I do.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 12.45.00 PM

Click HERE To read the rest of it. Worth your time.

My current problem (which I never thought would be a problem) is running too fast. There are runs (typically 1-2 times per week) where I am supposed to run SLOWER, with very little effort. These are more of recovery runs. If you’re doing a recovery run with a friend you should be able to have a conversation the whole time.

I cannot mentally make myself run at a slower pace, so I’m going to have to either figure out how to slow down to an easy speed or get on the treadmill and set it to a pace and NOT TOUCH the ‘up’ arrow. For me, a recovery run should be between 8:30 and 9:00 minute miles. I’ve mentally trained my brain to run around 8:10 or quicker, which is normally fine… just not all the time.

The funny thing is, a couple years ago I would have been thrilled to run 2 miles at an 8:30 pace. Now I can’t make myself slow down to run six of them. It has taken a long road to get to a faster pace that I am happy with. So if you’re struggling with pace and wanting to get faster- be patient and know that it requires hard work and dedication.

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