My Thoughts on the Boston Marathon

First off, way to go Meb Keflezighi! It was wonderful to see an American win the Boston Marathon after such a long drought! 

I was teaching all day, so I was eagerly awaiting 3:30 when I could go home, run, and then sit on my couch and watch the marathon.

The most exciting thing during my day was checking my cell phone during my planning period.  The night before I sent out a tweet to Shalane Flanagan wishing her good luck at the race, and just a shout out to Kara.  I got a notification that Kara had favorited my tweet!  I know that is nothing terribly exciting, but I was thrilled.  She has favorited a tweet in the past (yes, I still have that email saved as well.)

photo 1

I ran a quick 5 miles (7:47 pace) and then came home and stretched as I began watching the pre-show. I actually began watching the pre-show in the morning, but had to leave for school so I did not finish it.  For me, the best part of the pre-race show was watching Kara Goucher’s interview.  If you are unfamiliar with who she is, she is an Olympic marathon runner and my idol.  If I could meet any person in the world it would be her.

photo 2-2

I could watch marathons all day long; they are just that exciting for me.  Someday I would love to be a spectator at one instead of running it.  Anyways, I was rooting for Shalane and was thrilled to see her leading the pack until the half-way mark.  When she was passed by Rita Jeptoo my heart sank. A lot. I had been following Shalane’s training for weeks and had watched interviews and felt very confident about her winning. Shalane’s time was still ridiculously fast, and I know she will be back to win!

My favorites for the men were obviously Meb Keflezighi and Ryan Hall.  I was ecstatic to see Meb win.  He made it look so easy! I’ve mentioned before that singing the National Anthem before races is one of my favorite parts of races, so hearing at sang for him after winning gave me goosebumps!  I cannot believe that he is nearly 40! 

photo 3

I really enjoyed watching this marathon, and it has made me even more excited to begin my marathon training for Chicago.  I do not start marathon training until June 23, but I start half-marathon training this Monday.  I use my half-marathon training as a pre-training for marathon training and it always works out that the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 is at the perfect time for beginning marathon training.

Have a great evening!  I am going to do some yoga and dynamic stretching tonight after my run.


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