My rest day & pet peeve

I love running, but I also love “rest days”.  Since I am not officially training for anything yet (I start training Monday) I can have 2 rest days per week, and they are great!  I had a busy day with teaching, track practice, and a meeting for the trails council I am on so a rest day was much appreciated.

Yesterday I did an easy 5 mile run (7:47 pace) and stretching afterwards, so my legs felt fine today, but time wise I needed to take the day off.

I did take Charlie on a 40 minute walk after dinner because he needed to get out, and it was too nice to sit inside. This leads me into my pet peeve.  I absolutely cannot stand when people do not have their dogs on leashes or in a fenced in yard!!

We get chased by dogs on a weekly basis.  Most of the dogs are small (although very yappy and annoying), they still distract Charlie- therefore making me angry.  Today we were chased for three blocks by my neighbors dog.  This is the third day in a row that this particular dog has chased us or walked in our yard.

Charlie is very friendly and loves dogs at the dog park, but he goes into this overprotective mode when I am walking or running with him.  I also fear that he would bite another dog or start an attack that I could not physically stop.

I also worry about dogs getting hit by cars.

Bottom line- please tie up your dog.

What he is currently doing as I type this..

photo 2

And earlier today…

photo 1

Have a great evening.. and Go Bulls!

This picture was taken last year at a Bulls game.



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