Good luck to all running in the Boston Marathon!

GOOD LUCK to everyone running in the  Boston Marathon today!  I have to teach all day, but I am recording the marathon and will watch it as soon as I get home.

I love watching marathons, and this one is especially important and precious.  I get emotional watching marathons and my husband often makes fun of me.  Having run three marathons and understanding the time, dedication and pain that goes into training and the actual race, I can relate to these runners (okay maybe not the elite…). Anyways, I feel a special connection to with marathons.  I watched a re-run of the Paris marathon last night for run.  Favorite city + favorite event = wonderful!

I’m rooting for Shalane Flanagan as the champion this year. Go Shalane!!

Shalane Flanagan (left) and Kara Goucher (right)


And one more time… GOOD LUCK! I hope to be running it within the next 2 years!


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