Happy Sunday, Happy Runday!

I have been a real slacker with posting lately.  I have been on spring break and you would think it would be the opposite right?!  I’ll admit the real reason I have not posted for almost a week… I re-read the “50 Shades of Grey” series for third time.  I, like many women love, love, love Christian.  I’m sure I’ll read it several more times before the movie comes out!

So now that I have finished reading the books, I can get back to business and post!

I’ve had a really relaxing spring break!  I started off by going to Chicago with my girlfriends, spent most of the week at home with Charlie (and Christian!), and finished up my break with a visit up to my parents!

I’ve been running every day, and am absolutely loving the warmer weather! I am currently not following a specific plan yet, as I don’t start training for my half-marathon until mid April.

I love running along the river in Ottumwa.  I’m on the Wapello County Trails Council, so I really appreciate the trails system!


Here are some of my times this past week.  Disregard the date on my watch (I really need to get that changed!)

Running Times

Friday night I went with my dad to a work party, as my mom could not go.  It was a lot of fun!  We rode on a bus to the small town of Montour, and ate at a restaurant called Rube’s Steakhouse. It was about an hour from Cedar Rapids.  I do not like beef, but was able to eat lobster.  So good!  I could never be vegan because I absolutely love seafood!!


The restaurant was really neat!  You picked your main dish (mean) and grilled it yourself.  They had plenty of other sides to choose from.  My dad and I got asparagus and mushrooms.


Saturday morning I got up early to run on the trails next to my parents house.  The trails are 0.25 miles from their house, so walking to the beginning of the trail is a great warm-up, and walking back is a great cool down. I did 4 miles at a faster pace (mainly because I was hungry for breakfast!)

My family LOVES breakfast.  Normally when I visit my parents my dad cooks a large breakfast, but we went out to breakfast for a change.  I got an egg white Mediterranean omelet with spinach, feta, tomatoes, avocado, artichokes, and mushroom.

How cute is my little brother?

photo 1

After breakfast, I went with my dad to Palo, Iowa where he and other co-workers participated in the “Polar Plunge”, a charity for the Special Olympics.  I was definitely not jealous of them!  The lake was still covered in ice, except the small area why they went in.  Needless to say, my dad was less then excited to get into freezing water.  However, he was more than happy to do it for charity.

photo 2

His group was “Frozen Corn” (he works at Cargill) and I thought it was clever.  They all ran into the water, had to swim out to the net and hi-five three volunteer firemen (they were able to wear wetsuits), and then run out.  Everyone is his team went under the water… I’m not sure I would have! How great is the guy in the captains outfit?  It reminded me of Titanic.

photo 3

I don’t plan on doing a lot today besides relaxing and being outside.  It is almost 70 here in SE Iowa!  I went for a 7 mile run earlier today, and Charlie was NOT happy he couldn’t go.  The maximum I let him run with me is 5 miles.  Why specifically 5 miles you may ask… Well, I did some research on running with German Shepherds and found out 5 miles is a great distance for them, but more could have a negative effect on them later in life.  They are prone to hip dysplasia so keeping the milage down can help to prevent that.

I always feel real guilty when he can’t run with me.  As soon as I get my shoes on he is at the door, and it seriously breaks my heart when he can’t go!  Sometime I will run a 5 mile route, drop him off and then continue running.  However, today I ran a 7 mile out and back in the country, and couldn’t drop him off and keep going.  Don’t worry, he will get a good walk tonight.

My run was beautiful!  I ran hills today, which aren’t always fun, but are great at improving speed and strengthening my legs and core.

photo 4

Running in the country can be so peaceful and beautiful.  Just be careful to run against traffic and pay attention.  Vehicles go a lot faster on country roads, so just be careful!  Ottumwa is in the distance. So pretty!

photo 5

I’ll end this post on what Charlie is currently doing.. resting in his favorite position.  Yes, he is a thumb (or paw?!) sucker.



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