Inside My Fridge

This post reminds me of the old show “Cribs” that was on MTV.

I am currently on spring break and have spent the day cleaning.  As I was cleaning my fridge and freezer, I thought it might be interesting to post about what I typically have at my house.

Fridge: These are items that are 100% guaranteed to be in my fridge.  The fresh fruit and veggies consist of what is currently fresh and available at the store.  I am a soy milk addict and cannot get enough.  I use the almond milk for smoothies.  I have never liked the taste of regular cow milk, but my husband drinks it.  I love taking the single servings of Chobani to school for lunch, but buy the large containers for home snacking.  If you’re wondering what the yellow liquid in the mason jar is, that is homemade lemon juice (I use that a lot on my seafood).  On the sides of my fridge are various coffee creamers, condiments, and salad dressing.  Not too exciting.  The bottom pull-out drawer is usually where my husband keeps his beef and pork.


As soon as I get home from the grocery store I wash any fresh produce and cut it up and put it in containers right away.  It makes it much easier to pack lunches later in the week, or to snack on.  I notice that if I do not cut up fruit or veggies right away I tend to get lazy throughout the week and won’t do it, and they end up going to waste.

Freezer: I use the top sliding drawer for all of my food.  The bottom is for my husbands food (not pictured).  I love seafood and usually always have that in my fridge.  Salmon, shrimp and scallops are my usual go-to source of seafood.  I always have frozen vegetables in my freezer that I eat on a daily basis, along with frozen fruit used for smoothies. Currently I’m obsessed with this Ezekiel bread that is kept in the freezer.  I buy the cinnamon and raison bread, and then toast it and put almond butter on it.


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