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Why do I dread the treadmill so much?  I have many other friends who feel the same way.  Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate the fact that I do have a treadmill.  I think it is safe to say I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill.

My husband has graciously allowed me to turn his office into my own home gym.  He even put a flat screen television on the wall in front of the treadmill so I can keep myself occupied while running or walking.  I also have an abundance of free weights, a yoga mat, foam roller, abdominal roller, resistance bands, and a stability ball in my little gym.  I do not have a gym membership because I cannot justify spending $50 a month when I have the equipment at my house.  However, I will say that I do miss having use of the elliptical, stair master, and indoor cycling bikes that my local gym offers.  However, I do have a road bike at home and love riding in warmer weather.

I mostly run outdoors, but I do use my treadmill at least once or twice a week.  I will run on my treadmill if it is below zero degrees outside, or late at night and I don’t feel safe running outside.  I do run outside if it is raining or snowing.  Why??  You cannot predict what race day will be like; so running in all elements will better prepare you.

I have ran a maximum of eight miles at once on my treadmill, and holy bored. I usually limit myself to five miles for sanity reasons.  I have found that is the perfect distance to watch my daily recordings of General Hospital, or two episodes of Sex and the City

I thought it would be neat to post a couple different treadmill workouts that may help prevent boredom.  I have done all of these workouts and actually like them.

I will also post these treadmill workouts under the “Workout” section on the top of the blog.

The Hill Workout– This is a great treadmill workout if you are short on time, but still want a challenging workout.  I use the pace 5.0 throughout the whole workout.  For some of you, that pace may seem very slow at the beginning, but once you start increasing your incline it will become more challenging.  However, if you feel like 5.0 is too fast for the incline portion, adjust the pace so you are comfortable with the speed.


Intervals– Interval training can be a great way to burn calories fast.  Why you may ask?  First off, interval training is meant to be intense; therefore your heart rate will be higher.  Secondly, the combination of fast and slower segments will cause your heart rate to increase, decrease, increase, and so on.  This extra work is helping to burn calories, as well as helping with speed.  The length of this workout is solely dependent upon you, and how much time you have allowed for the workout.  If you are doing intense, fast sprints followed by a slow jog it will be much shorter.  (I usually do fast sprints after a 3-5 mile run).  If you are using this workout for jogging/walking you should allow more time.  The basic rule for sprints or intervals are 1:2.  An example would be:

  • Jog 30 seconds, followed by 60 second of fast walking

However, if you are doing full out, maximum intensity sprints, you should not sprint longer than 10-15 seconds (solely my opinion).  I will then follow each sprint with 60 seconds of slow jogging.  This breaks the 1:2 rule.  But if you try follow that rule and sprint 10 seconds, jog 20 seconds, and repeat you will find that you are completely exhausted an most likely will not be able to finish.

Pace changes– This is another workout that helps prevent me from boredom, while also allowing me to get some speedwork in.  This workout is not meant to be as intense as intervals so it can typically be done longer.

First, pick a pace that feels comfortable to you and one that you can maintain for ¼, ½, ¾ or a full mile.  After you have run your predetermined distance, increase your pace and run the same distance.  Once you have completed that, go back to your original pace and run the distance again.  Next increase the pace even higher.

Here is an example of my workout:

Pace Change


*This workout is of course followed by a cool down walk.

Here is a helpful chart of treadmill speeds and their respective pace:


These are just three quick treadmill workouts.  There are many more out there, and I will continue to post more as I create more, or try some.  Please feel free to comment if you have a treadmill workout that you love and would like to share!

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  1. I loved your sample workouts. Could you send me some treadmill workouts that include interval and hit for the beginner?

    • Absolutely!

      How much time would you like to devote to each workout? Also, what is your primary goal (5k, just for fun, getting in shape, etc)? Do you have any experience with interval and HIIT training?


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