Happy (late!) St. Patrick’s Day!

So this post is a couple days late.. sorry.  It was my mom’s birthday on Monday, and then last night we had friends over to catch up on “The Walking Dead”.  Who watches it?  I love Darryl!

Anyways, this post is quite random and different from my other “formative” type posts.  I’m just going to give a quick recap of the past couple of days in my life…


I literally lounged all day Sunday.  My host daughter was gone, and Charlie and I were left wondering what to do.  Morgan was building a poker table down at his shop, so I watched chick-flicks on Netflix (perfect Sunday).  I was talking to my sister and we decided that we needed to get a run in for the day, so we decided that we would both go out around 4 for a quick 5 miler.  Living in different towns is not my favorite.  However, we decided if we both went running at 4 it would feel like we were running together (it’s the little things that motivate me…)  So after our run and stretching we chatted again to talk about our run (it was also a way to hold us each accountable for running). Charlie and I did a 5 mile hill route.  I created this route last week and have become obsessed with it.

(Please ignore the day on my Garmin… I need to update that!)

photo 1



First off.. Happy Birthday to one of the best people I know!

This picture was taken last year, but we still look the same 🙂



Charlie and  started the day by waking up at 5 and running 5 miles through the park and onto the levee system.  It was really dark out, but kind of peaceful. I do not enjoy getting out of my warm bed at 4:50 am, but I love the feeling when I get done exercising.  I feel much more accomplished throughout the whole day.  And to be honest, after teaching all day I get real lazy after school and have a hard getting motivated to exercise.


I wore green pants to school today, and as I predicted, the kids loved them!  I wore my gold sequined Sperry’s because they reminded me of a pot o’ gold.  It’s the little things I think of…

photo 2



I slept in on Tuesday.. well, slept in until 6.  After school Charlie and I went for a quick 3 mile run, followed by stretching.  Well, I stretch and he lays on me.

photo 3

Charlie and I also got bored and had a selfie session.  I normally hate pictures of myself, but Charlie insisted.  My dad calls Charles and aardvark because of his long nose… I just call him precious.

photo 4

Tuesday night we had friends over to watch the past two “Walking Dead” episodes.  Who else watches this show?

My absolute two favorite tv shows are “Sons of Anarchy” (seriously obsessed with Jax) and “How I Met Your Mother (seriously obsessed with Ted).  Although, SOA only has one more season left, and HIMYM only has 2 episodes left… what will I do?!?!


I slept in again today… My friend and I had wine on Tuesday  night and I stayed up until 10 (way late for me!)  I had a professional development meeting after school today and came home and took a nap, and realized I needed to post!  I haven’t worked out yet for today, so I’m going to do that once I get done with this post.. I’m going to do my quick 20 minute Hill Workout, followed by some yoga and stretching.

I also need to get to packing!  My girlfriends and I are headed to Chicago for the weekend to see our friend perform in the play RENT, and to visit Kelly!

I have spring break all next week so I am very much looking forward to that.  I’ll try to create some new home workouts next week as well 🙂

Have a great Wednesday night!

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