Look at the Big Picture

Do you ever have one of those days where you are just tired and want to do absolutely nothing? That is how I felt when I got home today.  I had a great day in the classroom, but when I got home I became real lazy.  I came home and spent about an hour lesson planning and then could not get up from my living room floor… neither could Charlie.  Maybe my fuzzy slippers had something to do with it?!



The past couple of days I have had great runs (mainly because it has been warm enough to run outside) and have felt really good about my training.  Tuesday, for example was a good run!  I was finally able to get back outside on the trail system and just run.  There was no ice or snow to jump over or cars to dodge.  It was a very happy run.



However, today I just felt.. well, blah.

I eventually got up and decided to just do a cardio workout instead of running.  I’ve ran for the past 6 days and thought I’d do something different.  I did my At Home Intense Cardio Workout two times, followed by 2 sets of my core exercises.

I should have done more today… but like I said, I was feeling real lazy.

For dinner I was still lazy and had a giant salad with my homemade balsamic dressing.  I am obsessed with this dressing and will post that recipe later. I later treated myself to a few Thin Mint cookies 🙂

I love this quote because it holds true for me.  Most of the time I LOVE running, but sometimes I just don’t want to run.  I look at how far  have come in the past 8 years, and focus on my goals: mainly getting to Boston.  I know that missing one day of running will not hurt me.  Instead, I think about my workout for the next day and how I can improve my running.


Bottom line- it is OKAY to be lazy.  Just try to be more active than lazy 😉

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