Happy Sunday!


Just a little random thought…

Do you watch “How I Met Your Mother?” I love that show, and recently watched the episode “The Lucky Penny”. The last time I went to NYC I went to McGee’s with my friends ( the inspiration for MacLaren’s) so it’s fun to watch the episodes now knowing where the bar is located.

In the episode Marshall had been training for the NYC Marathon and ended up breaking his toe.  The episode shows a brief summary of him training for the marathon, and Lily reading him a book on how to train.  I thought it was comical to watch, especially when Marshall put all of his breakfast into a blender because he thought all runners drink smoothies for breakfast.  Anyways…

(The gang talking at MacLaren’s about Marshall breaking his toe…)

Marshall: Yea, it sucks. All that work I put into it training to run the marathon was a total waste.
Barney: Please. Training for a marathon.
Marshall: What?
Barney: You don’t train for a marathon. You just run it.

That part especially made me laugh. Actually no, most everything Barney says makes me laugh!

So Barney ends up running the marathon in great time, but is unable to walk the rest of the day and gets stuck on the subway.  If you’ve even run a marathon, you’ll appreciate this episode.  And yes, it is hard to walk to the next day so I appreciated that part!


Happy Sunday!


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