My Weekend… eating and HIITing.

This past weekend I went to Burlington to spend time with my grandma and siblings.  Friday night we just relaxed and watched the Opening Ceremonies.  I happen to LOVE the USA team sweaters.

Saturday my twin sister, one of my brothers and I went to the local YMCA.  Working out with friends and family is seriously so much fun!  We started by jogging an easy mile around the track to get warmed up.  Once we were warmed up, we began our HIIT session. Since I was unsure of the exact distance of the track we sprinted the straight-aways, and jogged the curves.  Here is what our HIIT workout looked like:


After we cooled down from our HIIT workout, I got on an elliptical and did a “hill” workout, at level 8 for 20 minutes.  It really is so much more fun when you have people to talk to!  Once our cardio session was over, the three of us headed to the weight room were we did legs and arms.  I absolutely love strength training!

After the Y we were starving of course!  We went to the grocery store to get some groceries for lunch, snacks, and dinner.

As soon as we got home we made a quick smoothie.  We called this our “Thin Mint” smoothie. The ingredients consisted of: fresh mint, kale, one banana, cacao powder, and Almond Coconut milk. *We did not measure… we just added until the container got full!

smoothie ingredients

We put all ingredients into my sister’s “Magic Bullet” and it turned into a delicious concoction!

photo 3

Upon finishing our smoothies we were making our lunch, which was a simple salad.  Our salad consisted of: baby romaines, Almond Accents, kale, beets (which I found out that I HATE), garbanzo beans, and sesame seed dressing.


photo 1

The next day (Sunday) we decided to do a home cardio workout.  I was still sore from lifting and sprinting the day before so I took the day off of running.  This workout still allowed me to get in a great workout though!

Cardio Workout

This workout was hard!  We did this workout three times.  In between each set we did core work (I’ll post that later).

My sister and I after our workout.  Smiling because it is over… 🙂


After our workout we made a delicious stir fry consisting of quinoa, vegetables, tofu, sesame oil, and light soy sauce.  So good!


I hope you had a nice weekend!

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