Garrett’s Path 5k

My first 5k post baby Oliver! My siblings and I run this year annually and it is so organized! This race is in memory of Garrett Brockway, who tragically died at the age of 10 and raises awareness for organ donation. 

I really did not train for this race, so I knew I would not get a great time. I am just now getting back into a regular running routine so this was not a fast race by any means.

It actually felt worse than a half marathon! It just tells me I have a lot of work to do to get back into shape, which is a good challenge for me.

Kyla and I finished at the same time, 28 minutes and 39 seconds. We got second and third place in our age group, so we are convinced no one else was in our age division!

I of course did not take pictures (big surprise). One of my brothers and my stepdad watched Oliver while I ran.

Kyla sent me these pictures today. Who else makes terrible running faces? I swear whenever I see the camera men I try to smile, but it never looks like it!

This race was a sad struggle for me, but give me motivation to get back to work and get my time down.

I plan on doing some core work, lunges, and squats during the presidential debate tonight. It’ll be a real fun night…


Kyla had to get back to work after the race so she’s missing from the picture!


Oliver had his two month shots today so we’re going to spend the evening snuggling. I think they hurt me more.

Happy Monday!

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    • Hello Debbie!

      So sorry for the delayed response! If you look under my “Workouts” tab you will see “at home intense cardio workout”. That is the workout had in mind, and the “x2” means to repeat it twice. I hope that helps. Good luck with running!

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