Back to running!

I have been waiting for so long to get back out on the road again and run, and I was finally able to do so last night. It was awesome.

I had no expectations of how far/fast I would run. I just wanted to get out there and go.

Oliver stayed at home with Morgan and I just ran around the neighborhood.

There is a circular loop around the perimeter of my neighborhood and it is 1.6 miles. I left my front door thinking I would walk/jog that one time. As soon as I started jogging it felt wonderful.

I was able to jog the whole loop, but stopped at one loop. I only did one loop because I didn’t want to push myself too much the first day back to running and it was also the first time I left Oliver with Morgan so I wanted to get back to see how they were doing. They were just fine of course.

My average pace was 9:42 and I am okay with that. I knew getting back into running I would be slow. I was just thrilled to be running I didn’t care. I know my speed will come back with hard work and time.

My goal for tonight is to just run 2 miles, stretch, and then do some upper body work.

I was advised to not start core work for another couple of weeks. Fine with me!

Oliver took a good three hour nap today so I made some lactation cookies, which are essentially chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with brewers yeast and ground up flax seed added to them. Delicious. I got the recipe from How Sweet It Is


One of my favorite meals to make is this “salad”. It is quick, easy, healthy, and provides multiple meals. Maybe I’ll post the recipe later (I literally just add random things to it).


Last Saturday Morgan’s mom hosted a party for Oliver. FullSizeRender

Oliver also does some exercising- tummy time. Gotta work on those neck muscles!


Have a great Tuesday!

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