Missing the best race!

The Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon is today! I cannot believe I am missing it… it pains me!! Being 40 weeks and two days pregnant is just not ideal running conditions for a half (for me at least), and five hours from home. So instead, I am glued to the website so I can feel apart of the race.

This is the 8th Rock ‘n’ Roll in Chicago, and I have run it every year except this year so stopping my streak was definitely hard. I will 100% be there to run it next year though, and with a little cheerleader!

Baby Brown could come any minute now, although I think he or she is content where they are. My exercise has completely stopped, except light yard work and house work.

I’m already dreaming of the day (hopefully soon) that I can lace up my Suacony’s and get out there. Until then I’m just living through the internet 🙂

I imagine my first day back in to exercise will either be a light walk with Charlie or a good swim at the Y.

I have had an extremely easy pregnancy and have only gained 21 pounds so I consider myself very lucky and hope to spring back rather easily.

I’ve been spending my days at the pool to pass the time.

39 weeks

I’ve seriously slacked off with the whole posting thing, but I really haven’t had much to share! My plan for after baby is to post a lot, mainly on my transition back in to exercise, primarily running, and how easy or hard it is.

I have my mind set on definitely the half marathon in Chicago next summer, a fall 2017 marathon for sure (Des Moines or Chicago), and possibly a half marathon this spring. I have big goals, but we will see how they actually play out!


2 thoughts on “Missing the best race!

  1. lol dont worry courtney! the weather was on your side- this was the one to miss! honestly. it rained and stormed so badly that my dad and i were stopped under the mccormick place underpass at mile 11 until they allowed the runners to continue.

    • Ha! I was obsessively paying attention to the weather and saw that it was postponed for storm reasons. That is such a long underpass and so dark! If you run it next year we must get up again! I’m not running a marathon this fall, but I’m debating running Chicago next October or another one in Iowa… are more marathons for you?

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