Oh the places you’ll go!

This past Saturday my cousin threw me a travel themed baby shower, and it was absolutely perfect! Not knowing the gender of the baby makes it a little more challenging to throw a shower, but my cousin knows how I love to travel so this theme was perfect.

She had food from all of my favorite countries: bruschetta (France), little sandwiches and tea (England), bratwurst and sauerkraut (Germany), pasta (Italy), and fresh fruit and vegetables (USA) and the cake looked like a suitcase. She even made an Eiffel Tower out of diapers!




Seriously, Kyla is so cute!


Other than the baby shower, I haven’t done much in the short week since school has been out. Other than hanging out at the club pool during the day, I’ve been organizing/cleaning the house and just daydreaming about running and exercising.

I did attempt to walk Charlie the other night, but my ligaments didn’t agree so our walked lasted about 2 minutes. Poor Charlie!

My goal for this blog after the baby is born is to document how I ease back in to a regular exercise schedule and lose the weight I’ve gained! So far I have gained about 20 pounds, and hopefully 6-8 of the will go right away 🙂

Anyways, have a great Monday!

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