No more running for a while :(

I have had such an easy pregnancy (minus the first three months of constant nausea)! I really have been lucky with zero complications and have only gained 13 pounds so far (mainly due to healthy eating). 

However, the CONSTANT urge to have to go to the bathroom has seriously limited my ability to exercise. I also strained a ligament near my groin a couple months ago that has prevented me from getting back in to running. My doctor said it was extremely common, since you know, lots of things are stretching! She said once I have the baby it’ll heal and I can get back in to my regular running.

I miss running terribly.

To make up for not being able to do a lot of “real exercise” I have been supplementing it with hours of yard work. I have more than enough yard to keep me busy until July, so that and minor weight lifting will have to be my exercise for the next couple of months.

My friend Kelly got me a Oiselle gift card yesterday at my baby shower so I can treat myself to some running stuff once Baby Brown gets here!

I am jealous of those pregnant women who get to run throughout pregnancy. I always thought that would be me, but it just isn’t right now!

Anyways, the extreme lack of posting has been mainly due to busyness, and also no running = not much for me to write about!

My girlfriend of 20 years threw me a baby shower yesterday and all my best girls showed up. It was wonderful!


Anyways, have a great Sunday. It is rainy and cloudy here, which is maybe why I have time to post! 😉

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