“Just a Half”

If you have ever run a half-marathon, you know the training, preparation, hard work, and nerves that go into it. Yes, I admit to being guilty to saying the phrase “oh, I just ran a half”. However, the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get with myself.Running 13.1 miles is not easy, and I admit that I have put it into that category on multiple occasions. When I am caught up in marathon training I often tell myself “oh, you’re just running a half today”. I do that for my own mental reasons, to make the run seem doable.

But the more I think about it, it sounds like I am discounting everyone who has ran a half marathon, or who is currently training for one.

I tell my students this all the time at school, “never say it is easy, because it may be hard for someone else” (especially during math class!).

I think it is perfectly fine to tell yourself (privately) that you are running “just a half” if it helps your mental game, but don’t go broadcasting it to others.

Running 13.1 might be easy for some, but for others it can be the biggest challenge of their life.

When I first started running, the thought of running for 30 minutes was daunting, so I am always making myself go back to that mindset when talking with new runners.

Yes, I can run 26 miles, but it took years of proper training and hard work.

I could go even further and discuss the “just a 5k” saying, but it would fall into the same category as “just a half”.

This post isn’t meant to come across as mean or rude, but mainly a refresher for me to check my running attitude.

I never want to hurt anyones feelings, but I am sure somewhere along the line I have with my running statements.

Is anyone else guilty of using that saying?!

2 thoughts on ““Just a Half”

  1. My husband does this “just a quick 5k, more of a rest day really” I’ve just achieved my 1st 5k and it was a huge achievement for me! I make sure I roll my eyes at him.

    • Hey congrats on your first 5k! My husband does not run, but made the mistake of asking why people train for “just a 5k” so I made him go run one with me and he couldn’t even make it a half mile! So keep rolling your eyes! 🙂

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