I love running while pregnant!

Running while pregnant is so very different than non-pregnant running. I have had to shift my train of thought and purpose of running in the past 5 months, but it has been a welcomed change.

I’ve mentioned this in early posts, but the lack of pressure when running while pregnant has been awesome! Don’t get me wrong, I love running while feeling a bit of pressure (from me) to get faster, but sometimes it is nice to just run without a care. And that is what I am currently doing.

I went to my parents house to visit this past weekend in Marion, and was spoiled with their wonderful trail system. I love running on small gravel, they have miles of it! I went out for a three mile jog and was not concerned with my time at all. Actually, I average a pace of 10:37! As Baby Brown grows, my lungs are getting squished, so breathing is not as easy as it use to be! I am also just very cautious on keeping a slower pace and making sure my breathing is steady.

Sure, normally a 10:37 pace would mortify me, but right now it is just fine!

I felt fine during my three miles (not great, mainly due to my constant need to go pee). However, about an hour after my run I was having some troubles walking. I knew my legs were fine, my hips felt fine, so I was trying to figure out what was causing pain. After explaining it to my mom, who is an OBGYN nurse, she told me that as my ligaments/tendons/muscles all stretch it would be much easier to pull or strain something. She is convinced I strained/pulled a ligament in my groin. I’d have to agree. I have never done that before, so I was not sure what that felt like. Just ouch!

She said it is nothing serious, and a few days rest will be enough. Day two and I feel better already.

Normally I would freak out about taking days off of exercise, but since I am not training for anything right now I am just fine!

In non-running news, I spent the weekend at my parents after our 20 week ultra sound on Friday. My mom and Morgan’s mom both came so that was nice.

I then went to Cedar Rapids with my mom to hang out for a couple days. We did lots of antique shopping and checked out cute stores in Marion and downtown Cedar Rapids. My dad came along for some antiquing, but halfway though politely asked to go back home. A for effort!

We did fine a really cute coffee shop in Marion, the Witt’s End.


The next day we found some more cute shops and coffee shops, but I had already had my coffee for the day so I got an Italian soda.


My younger sister is considering running as part of her exercise, which of course makes me ecstatic. She asked me all about running shoes, treadmill workouts, and running outside tips. I could talk about running for hours. Seriously.

I talked up Saucony, mainly because we have very similar arches in our feet, and Saucony are my favorite running shoe brand.

Alright it is 8:40, 40 minutes past my current bedtime so I’m out. Enjoy your week!

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