Finally back to running!

It was another beautiful week in Ottumwa so I took advantage of it and went for a run. Anytime it is 45 degrees in February I am going to be outside. 

My mother in law took Charlie for a walk at the park so I decided to use that time and go for a run around the neighborhood. I had no expectations as far as distance or pace.

I did 2 easy miles at a 10:17 pace and then walked for 5 minutes. My pre-pregnancy mind would consider two miles as a warm-up, but right now it is just fine for the actual run! I stopped at 2 miles because my right hip was getting a little sore. Nothing serious, but just lack of running made it pathetically wimpy.

Now that my nausea is basically gone, and my tailbone FINALLY seems healed, I am going to be getting back into running. The thought brings me immense joy!!

I’m starting small of course. Two ¬†miles today, may three mid week. I know to not push myself, mainly because I have to keep my heart rate down. Another reason I am not pushing myself is because I know I won’t be pregnant for ever, and I want to enjoy it and not give myself expectations during running.

Even though I only ran two miles, I am so happy I was just able to get out and run pain free!

My stomach is not big looking from the side, but from my point of view its ginormous.


Last but not least, I hung out with my cousins yesterday! My cousin’s boy will be 4 on July 15 (my due date) which I find to be amazing. My cousins and I are super close, so I can’t wait for our little ones to be just as close!


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