New Years Resolutions

Do you make resolutions each year? I actually don’t, not because I am afraid of now keeping them, I’ve just never made “real” resolutions. I think last year my resolution was to walk Charlie more. I successfully did do that, two walks a day all summer!

I never make exercise or healthy eating resolutions because I try to just live a clean, healthy lifestyle. However, this year I am wholeheartedly making a resolution to be more giving. Not just monetary giving, but also giving more of my time.

The things I’ve chosen to focus on this year are:

  1. Volunteering my time at the local animal shelter
  2. Donating monthly to St. Jude’s
  3. Donating items to the local animal shelter

It makes me feel good to give to others, especially those in need. For Christmas this year I did not buy a lot of material gifts for my family. Instead I donated money in their names to either St. Jude’s or to the animal shelter in their town. The gifts were extremely well received and made everyone happy knowing other people were benefitting from them.

Anyways, that is just my random resolution list. I hope you had a wonderful start to your New Years!

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