My first run in a while and how my diet has changed

Yesterday was the first time in weeks that I felt good when I woke up. It was amazing. I spent the morning reading and texting with Kelly while she is in Europe.

My grandma always gets me great Christmas gifts, and one of my gifts this year was spot on perfect. I’m one of those people are who obsessed with the Royals.

I also had some tea I got in London while I looked at it. Go ahead, it’s okay to laugh.


After I read for a couple hours and had some breakfast I decided since I was still feeling good I might as well try to walk/jog on my treadmill. I considered going to the Y, but I knew I wouldn’t be doing a whole lot of exercise so I chose the convenience of staying at home.

Once I got on my treadmill I started with a five minute walk, then slowly started jogging (10:30/min). I kept this up for 10 minutes and felt awesome. I knew I could go faster, but I was more focused on my breathing, per doctors orders. I stopped and walked for a while, then jogged for a bit more. I stopped jogging at 25 minutes and then walked to cool down.

It was definitely a different type of running for me. No fast pace or sprinting, but I am okay with that for now. I felt really good afterwards and it made me feel a little bit more like my old self.


I made some stir-fry veggies for lunch after and had lots of water.

I would say the biggest change for me so far is my diet. It is super weird to me how my tastes can change to rapidly, and to foods I normally don’t eat!

The first thing I truly craved was a hamburger. I hadn’t had one is for so long (maybe a year?) mainly because I stopped eating meat and I just didn’t care for the taste any more. However, I wanted one SO BAD a couple weeks ago. So Morgan took me to the Canteen, a local loose-meat hamburger place in town. Seriously the best hamburgers ever. Extra pickles please.

The other weird thing about my diet is my non-existent craving for veggie burgers. The thought of eating one right now makes me want to vomit. Normally I love them, and make them at home all the time. But I can’t stand the thought of it right now.

I’ve been really focusing on eating healthy, but sometimes I just get weird cravings and have to have them!

I had frozen yogurt the other day for dinner because it was the only thing that sounded good.

In the morning I stick with toast and butter and a smoothie because cold things help my stomach feel not so nauseous. I snack all day and try to choose healthy things such as string cheese and nuts.

I can’t plan meals right now because my mind changes so much, so thats been a little difficult.

However now that I’m starting to feel more normal I’m hoping to be able to plan a little for my weekly meals. I’ve learned that it is almost impossible (for me at least) to stick to a specific diet, such as veganism during pregnancy.

Anyways, have a great Friday and GO HAWKEYES!

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