Why I’ve Been MIA !

I realize I haven’t posted since late November, and that is a little ridiculous. It’s not that I have forgotten about posting, I have just not been feeling well. I have not gone for a run or swim since the Living History Farms race! Normally that would be insane in my world.

However, the reason I have not been feeling well is because I am pregnant!

I am 12 weeks along, and I have had some serious nausea/morning (all day) sickness.

I found out at the end of October and was feeling pretty good during the Living History Farms race, but soon after the intense nausea/sickness started.

I always thought to myself “Oh I’ll exercise the whole time I’m pregnant!” Well, hindsight that was silly to say!

I have talked with a lot of other women who told me they could not exercise for weeks due to nausea, so that has really helped me not feel as guilty.

I talked with my doctor on Monday about easing back into swimming and running and she said there is no reason to not start up again once I am feeling better.

She told me my main focus should be my breathing. I should be able to talk while running and that I am not to focus on speed (same for swimming, minus the talking!)

I am also cleared to lift weights, but I will not add weight throughout my pregnancy.

I am due in July, so I won’t be able to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago, which truly makes me sad, but I’ll be there to run it in 2017 for sure.

Run and Be Happy will not turn into a pregnancy blog, but for the next several months I will talk about exercising while pregnant because that’s what I’ll be, but I won’t overload it with boring information! (That is my goal!)

I have this week off due to Christmas break and I’m finally starting to feel better, so my goal today is to walk Charlie for 30 minutes.

We haven’t taken any cute announcement pictures and probably won’t, mainly because I’m not into my picture being taken… but who knows, maybe we will take maternity pictures later (because my mom will force me to!)

I did get the crib for Pottery Barn I wanted for Christmas, courtesy of Morgan and his parents. I’ve wanted it since I found out, and they did a great job of secretly buying it! They had it assembled at their house and filled with some other cute baby stuff. The next day I have Morgan put it together at our house.


We have a room designated for the nursery, but it is currently covered in wallpaper, so I’ve got some work to do.

We are also NOT finding out the gender of the baby, so I want all white furniture because I think it’ll go with either gender.

Anyways, have a great Wednesday and I’ll be back to regular posting now!

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