Living History Farms off road race, 2015

Most people call me and my friends crazy when we run this race each year, but we have an absolute blast! Even though the terrain was snow covered, it was much warmer than last year (12 degrees!). 

The race is 7 miles, but due to the amount of snow, certain parts of the course were closed, making the race about 5.2 miles.

Each year the group I go with dresses up. One of the best parts of the race is seeing all of the creative costumes. I went as Hermione. I’ve had the costume since college, and it is a costume I could easily make warm.

Living History Farms Race

We all ran together, which makes it even more fun. There is a lot of stopping/walking/running because of the natural obstacles and the large amount of people.

Here is a neat picture of the race getting started.

LHF Ariel view

The day I have a nice running face will be amazing. Until then, you get this.


I think we all crossed the finish line in about 1 hour and 18 minutes. I am happy with our time, mainly because we had to do a lot of walking due to ice. Safety first!

If you live in the Midwest, I highly encourage this race. So fun!

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