Oh hey, I’m still here!

I have some free time! Whoo hoo!! I think about my blog daily, but I don’t always have time (obviously) to post.Someone asked me for a sample of my day (because they were questioning where they could fit in exercise) so here it is:

4:35- alarm goes off (I hate getting up this early!) and I put on my swimsuit, get my gym back, and head to the Y

5-5:40- I lap swim (I am totally in love with this form of exercise!)

5:50-6:15- I lift weights (Monday, Wednesday, Friday = legs, Tuesday and Thursday = upper body)

6:30-7:15- shower, eat a quick breakfast, get ready for school

7:25-8:05- check school emails, last minute planning stuff

8:05-3:00- teach my little friends

3-4:30- check papers, plan lessons/activities for the next day, check email, meetings, etc.

4:45-5:30- I run outside (weather permitting)

5:30-6:30- make dinner/eat

6:30-6:45- shower

7-7:30- I play on my piano (Christmas right now!)

7:30-8:30- relax on my couch, chat with Morgan, read/watch tv

8:30- BED

On Tuesday and Wednesday my friend Haley and I go to the Y for evening classes from 5:30-7:30.


I do not like getting up that early or going to bed early, but lap swimming is only offered at that time, and I do love to start my morning with exercise.

I look forward to the weekends because my schedule is much more relaxed. I get up early, but not usually until about 6 am.

Last weekend my friend Haley and I headed to my aunts house in Waterloo for a girls weekend and some shopping.

I love running in my aunts neighborhood because it is lined with beautiful trees and houses!


We shopped downtown Cedar Falls (I love it!) and had lunch at SoHo.

Later that evening we out to a bar and watched the Iowa game. This picture does a good job capturing our relationship!



I am running the Living History Farms off road race this weekend with some friends so I am looking for that! The same group of friends and I run this race yearly, and it is a blast!

The forecast calls for snow and freezing temperatures, so I’ll have to bundle up! It is a 7 mile race that goes through the woods, a field, through creeks and up hills. Oh, it’s also a costume race so this year I’ll be going as Hermione!

Have a great Thursday! If you watch Grey’s or Scandal…. cant wait!

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