First real run a while!

It was extremely gorgeous out today so I thought it would be a great day to go out for a run. My foot is ALL better, so I was itching to put on my running shoes.

I did not run for speed, but focused more on my form and breathing. I wanted to run longer, but I knew I should keep it to a shorter distance and slowly increase my mileage.

I ran for four miles and I was pleasantly surprised at how great I felt! My pace was 8:47, so I thought that was decent for having not run in weeks.


I did get tired towards the end, but just thought of the thousands of people running the NYC Marathon!

Random fact –> I was watching the marathon this morning, of course, and told Morgan that I am going to run it when I am 35. Why in seven years? Strictly due to costs! The thought of flights + lodging + registration + food + shopping = $$$. So I have a seven year NYC Marathon savings plan 🙂

I do have a seven mile cross country race coming up on November 21, but I think I’m in good shape for it. It is more of a fun race mainly because you are running through the woods, uphills, through creeks, over hay bails, and on grass. I have run it in the past with a group of friends, so we have all registered again! We just have to think of our costume theme.

I also found a spring half marathon I am going to run in Marion, Iowa- the Marion Arts Festival Half-Marathon and 5k. It is way too early to start training, but I am going to focus on my speed until I start training in mid February.

Now that I am not officially training for a race I like to take Sunday’s off, but I went to the Iowa game yesterday with my brothers so I didn’t have time to run, so hence the run this morning.

Iowa hasn’t been this good since I was a senior in college, so it was exciting to be at the game!



Have a great Sunday! I am beyond thrilled that Hallmark is releasing their first Christmas movie of the season! Yes, I love Christmas movies and I know we haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving yet. 🙂


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