My new favorite exercise (besides running!)

Reunited and it feels so good! My charger came in the mail yesterday and I am thrilled. I don’t have too many updates, other than my new favorite thing to do at the gym. 🙂

I have been going to the Y in the morning to lap swim and I freaking love it.

I am strictly swimming the free style because that is all I know, but I have really enjoyed it.

I have been swimming for 30 minutes each morning, then getting on a Stair Master for another 30 minutes and it has been fantastic.

I have zero pain in my foot when I swim and no pain on the Stair Master so that makes me happy.

The first couple of times I swam I was huffing and puffing, but it is getting easier as I keep swimming each morning.

I am hoping to be running again within the next couple of weeks, as that is my main love and I miss it!

The Des Moines Marathon is this Sunday and I am still extremely upset about not being able to run it. I won’t talk much about it because  I want to throw myself a pity party and cry, and that is not being positive!

I am more determined than ever to focus on healthy training again once I get the all clear to start running agin.

Not being able to run makes me really appreciate when I can run, and just makes me want to push myself when I get back to it.

Not related to exercise…

My aunt, cousin, her friend and I went on our annual girls trip, the “Fall Extravaganza” last weekend and had an insanely fun time.

We always go on a haunted hayrack ride on Friday. Within minutes I was on the floor of the hayrack screaming.

We did a little walking at Backbone State Park, went through cave on a boat, then stayed the night in my favorite town of McGregor, Iowa. I just love that place!


I just purchased two new historical fictions and a favorite bookstore of mine, the Paper Moon. Happiness.


My cousin and I could not resist the playground.



For the past four years we have been wearing these glasses to Josie’s, the bar/restaurant in McGregor. We make so many friends this way! We also bring our mannequin hands with us, Alejandro and Fernando.


Anyways, have a great Friday tomorrow! I just finished Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal so I need to get to bed so I can swim early in the morning!

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