About the DSM Marathon

Yesterday I called the  hotel to cancel my reservation for the marathon. A sad face doesn’t even do my mood justice.

I think most of my frustration stems from running four past marathons and never experiencing injury. Why now?!

Poor Morgan has listened to all of my crying about this, so instead of focusing on the negative, I have decided to share my positive thoughts about what to do next.

  1. Since I am not running for a while I have joined the local YMCA so I can utilize their pool and other aerobic equipment. I am going to start swimming on Monday. I have no idea what it will be like, so I don’t want to give myself a time frame for how long I will swim. I love being in the water, so I am looking forward to this! I am shooting for a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday swim schedule.
  2. The gym also has a Stair MIMG_3183aster, which I love deeply, so I plan to use that daily for last least 30 minutes.
  3. I will also be taking full advantage of their free weights and weight machines.
  4. I am not more determined than ever to get healthy and then really focus on my base running. I really want a sub 3:35 marathon, so that is my main fitness goal. In order for that to happen I need a strong running base (which for right now will come from swimming and other cardio) and a strong body (with the help of lifting and core).

I am really looking forward to starting my swimming routine, so stay turned and I’ll share my first attempt at a workout on Monday!

Non running news, Morgan and I had our first real fireplace fire last night! I love fall.

I haven’t shared pictures of my new house yet, mainly because I am want to redecorate the WHOLE thing. I love the architecture of the house (1931), but the wallpaper and some of the colors are just bad.

The fireplace is in the formal living room, which hasn’t been touched yet. I plan to put white marble around the fireplace and Morgan will build me a new mantle. Maybe I’ll share some before pictures so you can see what I’m working with 😉

If you’re watching football this weekend, I hope your team wins! (Unless they are playing against the Hawkeyes or Bears). But lets be honest, my Bears are not doing so hot.

2 thoughts on “About the DSM Marathon

  1. I’m really sorry I know how disappointed you must feel. Hang in there, and you are doing the right thing listening to your body. It is better to be cautious and take care of yourself than hurt yourself to the point of never being able to run again. You’ll be back at it soon enough and stronger than ever!

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