Garret’s Path 5k

I ran a 5k yesterday with my siblings and it went surprisingly decent! This is the third annual Garret’s Path 5k and I have been unable to run it the past two years so when my brothers asked me if I could run this year I said yes.

Not being the responsible runner and ignoring a stress fracture and being sick with pneumonia and a  cold for the last two weeks I still had a good time!

My foot is paying for it today, and so are my lungs! My time was around 25:16 with an average pace of 8:17. I know I could have ran it much faster, but my foot and sickness were holding me back, and that is okay! I did get third place in my age group so I got a fancy medal.

My lungs were burning the whole time and my foot was in pain, but I’m dumb and don’t always listen to my body. Fun was still had by all! 😉

This is a wonderful 5k and if you live in the SE Iowa area you should look into it next year. Garret was a 10 year old boy and died tragically in 2013, and this race is put on by his parents to honor his memory and spread awareness for organ donation.

Garret's Story

I am from Burlington so I try to participate in local races there if I am able to get back. I stayed with my grandma the night before and hung out with my siblings.

Garret's Path

The route went through Crapo and Dankwardt Park in Burlington and ran along the Mississippi for a bit. The race was EXTREMELY organized.

Garret's Path 5k Route

Kyla and I running towards the finish line!


My adorable brother, Jonah, running to the finish line.


Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Brockway, and receiving my race medal.


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