Transitioning into a vegan diet

As I expected, the transition into a vegan diet has been going smooth! I have not transitioned 100% yet, as I still have diary products in my fridge, and I hate wasting food! 

Once I finish off my coffee creamer and remaining yogurt I will replace them with non-dairy based ingredients. I have actually tried soy-based coffee creamer and was not a huge fan, so I may just drink my coffee black- we’ll see.

The cook book I ordered came and I am beyond thrilled.

I am going to spend Sunday evening looking at recipes for the week, so I’ll share how that goes.

Marathon training has been going well, but nothing new to report there- just lots of running and early mornings!

My parents are coming for the weekend so I’m looking forward to that, and Charlie gets to meet my parents new dog- Maggie!

Iowa game today and Bears game on Sunday. I hope come Sunday evening I’m in a good mood!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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