Getting back into a routine

I like to have routines and schedules. Correction: I love and need routines and schedules, especially when it comes to running and training.

Now that my summer break is over I need to get back into the habit of running in the morning before I head to school. I am usually in my classroom until 5, and when I get home I have very little motivation to run. Like none at all.

So, in order for me to have a successful training season I NEED to run in the morning.

Our first day of school with our students was Wednesday and I wanted to start the day off the best way possible. For me, that meant running early!

I had nine miles on my schedule for the day, so that required me to get up at 4:40 AM. Yikes.

I did it. I was up at 4:40 and running by 4:50. I ran a six mile loop, stopped at home for a drink of water, then finished with three miles.

Breaking up longer runs really, really works for me. It mentally shortens the run for me.

I was able to get in the shower by 6:30, get ready, and be in my classroom by 7:15! I am pretty simple when it comes to getting ready and usually do not do much to my hair or put on much makeup, so that is why 45 minutes is plenty of time for me.

I do lay my clothes out the night before to save time.

I made sure to drink water all day long and I packed (the night before) a very filling lunch. It was actually leftovers from dinner on Tuesday night.

Making extra dinner is my favorite because it makes meal prep for school ridiculously easy.

I sautéed garbanzo beans, broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple and lime and then added it to cooked quinoa. I love citrus flavors, so this meal was amazing (and easy!).

citrus stir fry

I felt wonderful all day long at school, and credit a lot of that to getting up early and running. I don’t love that it is still dark when I am running, but I do LOVE the cooler temps and the feeling of completion I get when I am done running.

It really makes my day so much better!

I did walk Charlie after school, as he still needs his walks and I enjoy doing that in the evening.

I will exercise in the evening, but it typically consists of walking Charlie and going for a bike ride with Morgan. But for some reason, running needs to happen in the morning for me.

Anyways, the first day of school was wonderful and I enjoyed meeting my new little friends.

The other fifth grade teacher, Ann, is absolutely amazing. We go together like PB&J.

First day of school

If you are in the education system, I hope you’ve had a great transition back to work!

I have an easy four miles today (Saturday) and 15 miles tomorrow. I will most likely break that up into two segments so I can get a water break, and like I said above, it shortens the run for me mentally.

Have a fantastic weekend! Morgan and I plan on doing some house renovations and I’ve got some social students plans to create.


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