Long run struggles

Sunday I had a long run schedule for 14 miles but I was feeling really lazy and not really wanting to do it. I decided to text Kelly and tell her I’m going for the run so I could hold myself more accountable. 

Once I text her I was a little more motivated to go. The first half of the run (I split it into two 7-mile segments so I could break for water) went really well. I ran a couple of rolling hills to get in some strength running and then headed back home for my water break.

I went out for second half feeling pretty good and optimistic about my run. However around mile 10 my stomach started to feel queasy which affected my pace, posture, and mentality. I hit the halfway mark of the second segment and was heading back towards home but I began to feel worse and couldn’t run anymore. Sorry, I know I sound so dramatic!

I ended up calling Morgan at mile 12 to come and get me. By the time he picked me up I had gotten to mile 12.5 and was really disappointed in myself for not finishing my run.

I went home to stretch and then quickly showered so I could get into some comfy sweats. It was another fabulous cool day here in SE Iowa.

I am not quite sure why I did not feel so well, but it was out of my control and beating myself up over it won’t help.

I only fell 1.5 miles short so I am not too upset about it. I also know that not every run will go as planned. Some runs are pure joys, while some are a struggle to get through. This run was actually both, but more of a 60% struggle.

I’m not posting this to complain about my run, rather I want to tell you that everyone has poor runs and the important thing is to not let that dictate the rest of your training.

I have had fabulous 20 mile runs and awful 5 mile runs in the past. Weird, but it just happens.

I hope this encourages you a bit if you too have suffered from a not so good run in the past. Don’t give up and know all of us runners have a rough run every now and then.

In other not running news, my sweet little precious Charlie has turned FIVE! His birthday was Sunday, so after my long run I spent the day laying around with him at home. I hope it’s totally normal to get teary eyed on his birthday…

He is such a great dog and is the sweetest little boy! I’m obsessed with him.


Later in the day I made the quinoa black bean burgers and watched a documentary, “Vegetated”.

Here are my veggies from the garden for the day. I’ve been giving away the eggplant because I’m not a huge fan.

Garden veggies

I used most of the tomatoes and hot peppers to make salsa, which is wonderful! Finally, a salsa I feel no guilt about devouring. 🙂

I sat down to watch Vegucated because I have heard great things about it. Similar to my experience with “Food, Inc.” and “Blackfish”, I cried. I am a HUGE animal lover so it really disgusts me to see how people treat living creatures.


I always get nervous to call myself a vegetarian because I will admit everyone in a while I have some meat. I am not much for the taste of meat so that is mostly why I don’t eat it, but after viewing things like this I can’t stomach to eat it knowing where and how I got it.

I have tried to go vegan but I found it so hard (I love cheese). However, it is something I am going to try again. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

If you have seen any good documentaries let me know!

Lastly, before school each day Kelly and I are texting each other our outfit. Our husbands think we’re weird, but since we cant see each other daily this is the next best thing! We are also trying to not buy any new clothes so we are getting creative with our current clothes and changing up the combination of what we currently own. It does feel good to save money (as much as I love getting packages in the mail…).

We had a more casual day yesterday as we just had meetings and classroom work time, so my outfit was not too fancy. I wore khaki ankle pants and some black flats. It was more of a casual comfy outfit. My favorite.


Alright I have got to go… need to get ready for work! We have another day of classroom work then my students come Wednesday!

Have a great Tuesday!

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