Summertime Sickness

Seriously, who gets a cold during the summertime? I have had a nasty cold the past week and have not done much (hence the no posting).

The most I have run this week is four miles and that was a struggle. Most of my attempts at running this week have turned into walks due to feeling light-headed and achy. I don’t suggest running while sick!

Today I managed to run four miles instead of the 8 I was scheduled to run… I am not happy at all about being sick and missing runs, but I think (fingers crossed) I am on the verge of returning to normal.

Last weekend my aunt Tara came down and we went to the Des Monies farmers market and then to the Iowa State Fair with my cousin and his girlfriend.

They had never been to the farmers market so I decided they absolutely had to check it out. They loved it of course.

Des Moines Farmers Market

DM Farmers Market

We spent about an hour at the farmers market and we all three got some iced Thai tea. I was ecstatic about that.

We spent the next 6ish hours walking around the fair. I drank water all day and took medicine so I was not miserable.

Iowa State Fair

Work meetings start tomorrow so I enjoyed my last day (today) of being mostly lazy. It was in the low 60s today which made me extremely happy.

I’m going to run in the morning (goal of 5-6 miles) so we will see how I do!

I hope to be back to normal and posting about marathon training! I’ve been spending too much time on my couch trying to get better. On the other hand, I have been able to watch “Once Upon a Time”. I have a serious crush on Captain Hook. Wow. Wow. Wow.

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