Summer ending struggle.

I have nine days left of summer break. While I am sad that my days of being lazy, doing yard work, playing with Charlie and running whenever I want are coming to an end, I am really looking forward to teaching my new group of littles.

I have been in my classroom a couple times to organize things and get it ready for the new students. I’m ordering classroom supplies/organizational things today with the money I got from sitting in the dunk tank.

I haven’t taken many pictures because my room is not fully done, but it is 95% of the way there!

Over the summer our rooms get deep cleaned, which is wonderful. I stopped in last week to organize the tables and move around some bookshelves.


Once my supplies come in next week I will finish up the room before my new students come on the 26th. I will take more pictures then!

I created this door last year and loved it so I made it again. I think it is so important that students know they are treasured, and that they are many things, not just a student. I change my door throughout the year for the holidays and different things, but I really like it this way for the beginning of the year.


Last year at the end of the year I had my fifth graders make a t-shirt or pants and write some advice to the new fifth graders. I put this up right outside of my door.


Besides working in my classroom I’ve been working in my yard (of course!). Kyla got me twenty more arborvitaes to plant along the back fence in my yard so that is what I will be doing today. Hopefully in 5 (ish) years they will be tall enough and wide enough to have created a natural fence around my backyard.

Here is a quick recap on last weeks marathon training, week 6:

Monday- 12 miles, core x 2

Tuesday- 4 miles, stretching

Wednesday- 8 miles, lots of hills

Thursday- 6 miles, core

Friday- OFF

Saturday- 4 miles

Sunday- 12 miles

As summer is coming to an end I am having a REAL struggle to become motivated in the morning to do stuff! I am having a hard time putting down my coffee cup and getting off my couch! The sunroom is my favorite place to hang out in the morning, but I need to ease back into my teaching routine.

Starting next week, the 17th I am going to start running early in the morning so I can get back to my routine. I had a quick meeting with my co-workers yesterday and I was quite relieved that they too have all be lazy this summer. That’s what summer break is for right?!

Anyways, have a great Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Summer ending struggle.

  1. I love love love your classroom- so jealous! Congrats on the beginning of another great year! Good luck with training- I want to do another marathon someday; I just have no idea where. Any ideas on ones that are worth the hassle of travel? I know you’ve traveled around to some.

    • Thanks Jordan! It is much more organized now, so I’ll take some pictures when I go back to work in it. I have done the Des Moines Marathon (hilly) and the Quad Cities Marathon. Both were relatively inexpensive and easy to get to. Last year before I decided on the Chicago Marathon I looked in to the Indianapolis Marathon because of its flat course and scenery- so maybe look into that. 🙂

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