A few healthy snack/meal ideas

I am almost in the middle of my marathon training and like always, I am hungry all day long. To keep me full and not feeling guilty over my constant eating I make a conscious effort to eat clean 99% of the time. I thought I would share a couple snacks and meals I have on a regular basis that I am addicted to. I crave chocolate daily (seriously who doesn’t?!) so I got creative the other day and whipped on something quick and easy to curb my chocolate craving.

I mixed a tablespoon of peanut butter, a 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa powder, and some honey with plain Chobani yogurt. I added a few semi-sweet chocolate chips on top. Product = delicious.

It is a great snack that leaves me feeling like I got my share of chocolate without the guilt. I added the honey to sweeten up the cocoa powder.

PB cocoa powder yogurt

The next snack is the easiest, as there is essentially no prep involved (except cutting the apple). I eat this daily for my morning snack. I’m obsessed. I mix the raspberries up with strawberries to prevent boredom (but I highly doubt I’ll get bored with this snack).

graps and apples

The next two meals I’ll share are meals that I make often, especially during the summer.

The first meal consisted of sautéed cabbage, zucchini and garbanzo beans in balsamic and red wine vinegar. I have this meal a lot right now because I pick the zucchini and cabbage from my garden so it is also inexpensive. Win win!

Sauteed cabbage, garbanzo beans, and zuchini

The next quick, easy, healthy meal comes from my garden as well.

Kyla was up earlier this week and we were thinking of different things to make for lunch. A couple weeks ago in Chicago we had a really good quinoa crunch wrap so we decided to try recreating it.

We sautéed sweet potatoes and zucchini in olive oil and put a little cumin on the mix. While the veggies were cooking we also boiled the water and cooked the quinoa.

We picked some collard green leaves from my garden as well as used them as the wrap.

Sweet potato & zuchini quinoa wrap

Another great thing about these snacks/meals besides being easy, is that they are extremely healthy and delicious!

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