Core love.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my last marathon last October was that I needed to strengthen my core.When I talk about strengthening my core I am not just talking about my abs, I am also talking about my back. 

When you do crunches you are working on your abdominal, which is great, but you also need to pay attention to your back. If you only focus on your abdominals your back becomes weak and can result in poor posture.

The same idea goes for any pair of muscles that “work together”. For example, if you do squats on a regular basis (awesome!), you also need to work your hamstrings, and vise versa.

A lot of people tell me they feel too tired and lazy, or lack time to do core work after their workout. While I completely understand that issue, you can make time for core if you get smart about it. I 100% admit that after running 30-90 minutes I just don’t feel like doing core.

Whether it is because of time issues or I am starving, I often put core off until the evening.

Last night I did my core work while watching television. I did two sets of my standard core routine and each set took about 3 1/2 minutes. I rest for about 2 minutes in between each set, so all in all I spent about 9 minutes doing core work.

Make time for core workouts!

Here is what I did last night: (each for 30 seconds)

  • Plank
  • Bicycle crunch
  • Left side plank
  • Right side plank
  • Superman
  • Marching bridge
  • Bird-dog

Wait 2 minutes then repeat.

Next time I do core (Thursday) I will do this set 3 times instead of 2. Once you get to the point of it being less challenging you can increase the time from 30 seconds to 45 seconds, and so on.

Afterwards I had a snack while I finished watching the country music show on ABC. Sam Hunt is my fantasy boyfriend.

I had a bowl of Cheerios, fiber cereal, a large banana, and almond milk.

Cheerios, fiber cereal and bananas

Yes I know I need to paint my nails! I got them painted two weeks ago with Kelly for her wedding and they have grown since then. I got the gel (no chip) polish and it does really work! Since then I have worked in my yard a lot and the polish has stayed on.

I raved about the polish enough to Morgan that he just bought me the UV light and gel polish set so I can do this myself at home instead of having someone do it for me. It also saves $$.

Kyla is on her way up to help me with some yard work, specifically in the wild flower garden, and to play with Charlie of course. Have a great Wednesday!

I have an 8 mile run tonight. I’m trying my method of thinking about it all day like I did for my 12 mile run on Monday.

Have a great Wednesday!

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