12 mile night run

I love when longer distance runs feel so good. My 12 miles last night was oddly fun and went by pretty fast.

I always find it funny when sometimes longer runs are easier than shorter runs. Does that ever happen to you?

A couple weeks ago Kelly, Ben (her husband), her sister Megan,and I went for a four mile run and it was tough for all of us. Megan and I were talking about how we have had really challenging shorter runs and really easy longer runs.

Why? I have no clue. Other than I mentally prepare more for longer runs, so maybe that does the trick?!

I spent the day in my classroom organizing things and hanging up a few things. All day I knew I had a 12 mile run and was able to “get excited” about it and go over the route in my head.

I got home around 4:30 and had a light veggie scramble (yellow squash, zucchini, potatoes and tomatoes) and drank a ton of water.

I left for my run around 6:30 because I wanted my stomach to settle before I bounced around for 12 miles.

I split my run into two parts because it was hot out, so I planned on stopping back at my house for a quick water break.

The first part of my run I ran 3.5 miles out into the county and then back to my house. The whole time I was running I was watching this plane fly around. It looked so fun! I also listened to my music, which made the first part of my run fly by.

night runAfter my water break I ran in town to finish up the last five miles. I didn’t have an airplane to watch, but this segment also went by super fast! I was not running fast (9:06 average pace), but I felt fantastic and the run felt effortless and awesome.

A post or two ago I mentioned telling people you are going for a run to hold you more accountable. After my run I sent a few of my lucky friends this.┬áComplete sarcasm on the lucky part ­čśë

12 miles

Once I got home I stretched a while and then Morgan and I had to get some groceries for the week.

I have a four mile recovery run later today and until then Charlie and I will be working in the yard.

My legs feel pretty tired right now, but a slow, easy effort recovery jog will definitely help later. I’ve also got two rounds of core to do, and that is it for the day!

Here is what I created yesterday for my classroom door:

class doorAt the end of this past school year I had my fifth graders write tips to the new incoming fifth graders on a shirt or pair of shorts they created. It was cute re-reading them, but it also made me a bit sad because I miss them still!


Lastly, my aunt sent me this picture she took of me at the dunk tank.┬áThat’d be my cousin retrieving some baseballs he threw. He did succeed and managed to dunk me several times.

Dunk Tank

Have a great Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “12 mile night run

  1. It has been so hot around here that I haven’t been running at all, and I am now missing being able to run 12 miles like you can! I agree that longer runs are “easier” than shorter runs, which just proves that running is all mental. In my mind a 30-minute run is nothing, and since I expect it to go by so fast it doesn’t! Settling in on a long run patiently and knowing you have a ways to go, as well as mental preparation as you said, make long runs go by much faster I think.


    • That is such a great way to think about it! I always think of “Oh I have a 4 mile run, I’ll be done in less than 40 minutes” but the reality is that I trick myself to thinking it’ll be super easy. I like the way you think! ­čÖé

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