Family weekends are the best.

I love family filled weekends. My aunt, her best friend, my cousin Jordan and I headed to the What Cheer flea market on Friday for morning/early afternoon. 

It was my day off from running so I was happy that we walked a lot. I think we walked about four miles so it was an easy day off.

I won’t bore you with all of the details of my weekend but it consisted of a lot of laughing, eating, walking, and snuggling Charlie.

I’ve been teaching Morgan “Heart and Soul” so I can have someone to play with. He actually caught on quite quick.

Heart and Soul

We had a cookout at my house on Saturday and my cousin and his girlfriend (pictured) brought over their two dogs for Charlie to play with.

family cookout

I was suppose to run 12 miles yesterday (Sunday) but I slept in and wanted to visit with my family more, so I will be running those miles today.

My aunt and I took Charlie for an hour walk so the day was not completely exercise free.

I am going to spend the day in my classroom getting it ready for the school year. I love organizing so I’m actually looking forward to being in my room today.

I was in a dunk tank on Saturday to raise money for my classroom supplies so I’ll be curious to see how much I raised! I buy a lot of my school supplies (folders, pencils, etc.) at Target after school has started because they are super cheap.

I’ll try and take some before and after pictures of my room today if I remember.

I am going to run my 12 miles tonight around 7. I don’t know why, but I just feel like an evening run today. So I don’t back out of it (because lets be real, that could happen), I already told Morgan this morning what time I am running.

If you ever feel doubtful about going for a run, tell someone! It holds you accountable.

Have a great Monday! The temperature this week is finally suppose to be sub 90 degrees, which makes me so HAPPY!! I can finally do yard work without being miserable.

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