Why are you signing up for races?

What motivates you to register for races

What is it that makes you register for a race? Are you running it because you want to, or are you running it because others have talked you into it?

The first major race I ran (Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll) was because Kelly wanted me to run it. I am so glad I ran that race because it led to all of the other races I have┬áran.

I was talking with someone last week about signing up for races and why I keep running marathons. My response was that I run races for me.

I personally love running in races because the feeling of accomplishment as I cross the finish line is the best, as well as the atmosphere of the race. Having thousands of others runners running the same mileage and route is like a big running party.

With all that being said, the training for the actual race (in my opinion) is the tough part. The hundreds of miles that go into training for a full or half marathon are not nearly as exciting as the one race is.

The getting up early, running late at night, running in hot or cold weather is all tough and requires motivation. I typically do all of my training runs alone (unless I beg Kyla to run with me or I am with Kel), so it takes A LOT of motivation.

Even though I LOVE running in races and crossing that finish line- it is just a small fraction of what goes into training.

This goes back to my original question- why do you run races? Before clicking that “sign me up” button, make sure you factor in all of the training and reasons why you are running.

Not everyone enjoys running in races or enjoys running for longer distances, and that is OKAY! If you find that races aren’t your thing, don’t sign up! There is nothing wrong with just running for yourself.

The reason I wanted to post about this is because I have had a lot of people tell me they struggle with training for races and the guilt they feel about missing a run.

I too struggle with guilt if I miss a run(s) and I often lose motivation to put on my running shoes. I think that is a normal part of life (and running). There are days I wake up ready to run, and then there are days (like today) that I feel so lazy and want to curl up in a blanket all day.

With that being said, I am reminding myself why I run and I think about my end goal- my fall marathon.

The hardest part (for me) of my workout is actually getting out the door. Once I am running I feel great and feel even better once I am done.

Basically, if you are struggling with motivation know you are not alone! Sometimes before my run I will text Kelly or Kyla and tell them I am going for my run, and it holds me accountable.

With all of that being said- make sure you are running for the right reasons and not running because you feel pressured by someone/something else.

I now need to go put on my shoes and head out the door for 8 miles! It is 70 degrees, which is way better than yesterday so I’m a bit more optimistic!



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